The Journal of Religion and Civil Society

Religion and Civil Society seeks to combine the rigor and academic integrity of a peer-reviewed journal with what we feel serves as one of the twenty-first century’s primary manifestations of the “public sphere,” the blogosphere. We value the high standard of quality and accuracy demanded for peer-reviewed publications, and yet, we also recognize that the vast majority of that content is generally hidden behind the firewalls that protect university databases. Blogs and other forms of social media are now providing strong contributions to public discourse about religion and civil society. In the end, Religion and Civil Society is really an attempt to bring pubic and academic discourse together and perhaps expand the diversity, quality, and scope of the discussion. There is a vital need for critical, constructive dialogue about religion’s place in civil society (and vice-versa). We believe that younger scholars have more riding the results of the discussions we have today, and so another priority for Religion and Civil Society is to encourage their development and participation through our Young Scholars Initiative. We hope readers will likewise be encouraged to take part in the discussion through commentary on blog articles.