2016 Religion and Civil Society Lecture: Jenny Boyd on “Taking the Journey Within; The True Expression of Creativity”

Wednesday – March 30, 2016 @ 7:30pm in Wells Hall room B115, Michigan State University

Jenny BoydFree & Open to the Public

Jenny Boyd will discuss the importance for us all to get in touch with our creative expression. She will share her own experience of living in a world populated by musicians and her friendships with some of the most innovative performers. As a fashion model in the mid-sixties for trend-setting Carnaby Street designers Jenny found herself right in the centre of the ‘zeitgeist. She had a relationship with drummer Mick Fleetwood at the same time as her sister, Pattie Boyd, married Beatle George Harrison. It was a time of social and artistic upheaval, a time when innovations were occurring in every aspect of culture: art, fashion, film and especially music. After experiencing what she called, her spiritual awakening, Jenny moved to San Francisco and found herself, quite unintentionally, immersed in the psychedelic world of music and the beginnings of the ‘Flower Power’ movement. On her return she travelled to India with the Beatles and her sister to study Transcendental Meditation. She witnessed the Beatles astonishing creativity while watching them on the roof of the ashram in the process of writing and performing songs that were later to be heard on the White Album. In the home she shared with her husband Mick Fleetwood and other members of Fleetwood Mac, she observed both the struggles and the joys of the creative process, but always believing she herself was not creative. Observing this world of musicians and their creativity, in all its aspects, continued for many years, until Jenny made up her mind eventually sign up for a degree in psychology. Almost five years later, while looking for a subject to write her dissertation, she began the process of interviewing musicians, searching for answers to the questions she’d always wanted to ask. This presentation will bring to light the findings from what later became her book, ‘It’s Not Only Rock’n’Roll: Iconic Musicians reveal the source of their creativity.’

This event is co-sponsored by:             The Institute for the Study of Christianity & Culture
MSU Department of Religious Studies
MSU Department of English


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